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Healthcare, Assisted Living , and Retirement Homes

At Bedex we understand how varied the needs of different industries can be, especially those of healthcare organizations. The "Even Bedder Bed" is the perfect solution for such industries.


The "Even Bedder Bed" is the same base mattress as our "Bedder Bed" with more customizatin options. As is, the "Even Bedder Bed" offers an Eco-Friendly design, made of industry-standard, rugged 210 Denier Poly/Nylon. This mattress is waterproof, flame retardant, and non-allergenic. It also resists bed bugs, bacteria, and fungal growth. For extra comfort, this mattress is made double sided with a built in mattress protector. 


Below are just a few examples of customizations we have made to our "Even Bedder Bed" to best suite the needs of our clients:

          - changing the core to work with adjustable bases

          - adding extra cushion to help prevent bed sores

          - using specialized fabrics to protect the skin of burn victims

          -  incorporating lumbar support 

          - and so much more!

Contact us today for help with your specific needs.​

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Ask About Our Revolutionary Core Option

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