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AIRSTRING Advantages


AIRSTRING is a literal breakthrough in sleep surfaces providing long term adjustable comfort and sanitary sleep, never before available.

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  • Made From LDPE.

    •  non toxic

    • gives off no toxic fumes nor offgases and remains that way for the useful life of the product.

  • AIRSTRING provides the absolute lowest level of toxicity available in a sleep product today.

  • Can be recycled up to five additional times

  • Product will last twice as long as any polyurethane foam.

  • 100% breathable (no heat buildup)

  • 100% washable

    • eliminates dust mites, allergens, and bedbug infestations​

    • keeps the mattress internally sanitary

  • AIRSTRING is available in infinite configurations with various options. Adjustable firmness available.

  • All institutional requirements can be met with a variety of options.

    • AIRSTRING meets all fire retardant and antimicrobial requirements of the U.S. Government.​

    • Can meet FR requirements of CFR 1633, Cal 129, and other more stringent requirements. 

    • AIRSTRING can be produced to be inherently fire retardant, eliminating the need for a fire barrier in the cover.

Airstring with cover.png

This innovative new product will change the way people sleep with it's sanitary cores and launderable covers.

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Airstring closeup.png

AIRSTRING can be used in a variety of industries including: Dormitory - Healthcare - Correctional - Military - Residential - Hospitality - Baby Cribs - Pet Beds - Outdoor Furniture

Call us to learn more and discuss available options.

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