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Bedex was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2011 by Robert "Bob" Savino. After working with the Sustainability Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Bob wanted to find a solution for mattress disposal. On average, 770,000 mattresses are thrown away each year in North Carolina alone! Purpose Recycling was founded as a solution for this, recycling and re-purposing 100% of the mattress materials.  PR contracts with counties/municipalities, major hospitality chains, well know mattress manufacturers, and major retailers. Bedex was then founded as a sister company, making brand new mattresses while still utilizing sustainability sourced materials. Today, Bedex has evolved, manufacturing components for small to large manufacturers on the East Coast. We cater to multiple industries including Colleges/Universities, Military, Healthcare, Municipal, Hospitality, Residential and more! Bedex has vehicles from smaller cargo vans to large tractor-trailers for any delivery or pick up needs. Bedex offers local white glove delivery and has the ability to ship throughout the United States. 

All Bedex products are manufactured 100% in the USA in a local factory and are sold by dealers and in our local Bedex stores along with other fine brands. Our goal is to build you a better-quality sleep for the lowest possible price. In addition, we want to build a better future for our communities and institutions, by sourcing locally as possible while finding the best recycling solutions for all materials used throughout our manufacturing process, aiming to reduce stress in our local landfills and our carbon footprint. Together, Bedex and Purpose Recycling have diverted in excess of 10,000,000 pounds of mattresses thus far. 

Bedex has two store locations in addition to the Main Office/Showroom. 


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